Create your own financing! Launch and spread your campaign, let people support you to raise your voice!


is Crowdfunding?

It is a new generation funding system that allows you to create your own funding by initially reaching out to your immediate circle and then to other people who can support you. Using Microfon’s crowdfunding system, you can safely and systematically establish the financing necessary for your educational and career needs. The supporters of Microfon will also contribute to your campaign.

Who Can
Launch a Campaign?

Any young person older than 18 and seeking financial support for their education and career can launch a campaign. The campaigns are monitored by the Microfon team who provide support for all your needs during the campaign.

To date, more than 1 million Turkish Liras worth of financing has been distributed. Launch your campaign to create your own financing!

How Can I Launch a Campaign?

You can launch your campaign by writing a compelling introduction and uploading your photo,on condition that it is for educational and career needs. The crucial thing here is your content should be honest, transparent and distinct.

Campaign Guide

You can check out our campaign guide for your questions like “What should I pay attention to while launching my campaign?”, “What happens if my campaign doesn’t reach its goal?” or “How can I get more support for my campaign?” and many more.

I attained my clarinet that
I had been dreaming of for a long time just in 15
days thanks to the Microfon team.

Seren Y.